Grass-fed Cooking Tips

It’s not the same!!

  1. Because our beef is low in fat, it’s best when it’s not overcooked. Our beef is best rare to medium rare. Cook with low temps (and add sauce) if you prefer more well-done beef.
  2. Before cooking, coat with virgin olive oil for added flavor, browning, and to prevent drying and sticking.
  3. We recommend tenderizing or marinating lean cuts like the NY Strip and Top Sirloin. For marinade ideas, check out our blog on or follow us on social media.
  4. You can easily cook grass-fed steak on the stove in a pan. It provides more control over the temperature than grilling.
  5. Due to its higher protein and lower fat, grass-fed and grass-finished beef requires approximately 30% less cooking time. It will continue to cook after it’s been removed from the heat. Remove steaks from heat when it’s 10 degrees from the desired temperature.
  6. Use a meat thermometer to test for doneness. Grass-fed beef cooks quickly so watch the thermometer carefully to avoid over overcooking.
  7. Let the beef sit covered and in a warm place for 8 to 10 minutes after removing from heat to let the juices redistribute.
    Use tongs to turn your beef. Using a fork causes juices to be lost.
  8. Reduce the cooking temperature of your traditional recipes by 50 degrees. Cooking time will be the same or slightly shorter even at the lower temperature. Watch your meat thermometer. Use sauces to add to the tenderness.
  9. Do not use a microwave to thaw grass-fed beef. Either thaw your beef in the refrigerator or place your sealed package in water for a few minutes.
  10. Do not cook grass-fed meat straight from the refrigerator. Bring the meat to room temperature prior to cooking.
    Always preheat the oven, pan or grill before cooking grass-fed beef.
  11. When grilling, sear the meat quickly over a high heat on each side to seal in juices and then reduce the heat to medium or low to finish the cooking process. Also, baste to add moisture throughout the grilling process. Don’t forget grass-fed beef requires less cooking time so watch your thermometer and don’t leave the mean unattended.
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