About American Butcher Shop

American Butcher Shop is family owned and operated. Our meat products come from ranches and farms throughout the United States. Many of our families have been farming and ranching for five generations. We know a thing or two about raising healthy cruelty-free animals. All of our grass-fed animals roam thousands of acres of open pastures.

The family ranchers we work with, including our own, are committed to delivering the highest quality grass-fed meats you can find anywhere. We all work together to ensure the integrity of all of our products from birth to finish. You can be assured when you buy from American Butcher Shop you’ll be getting the same high-quality meats we serve our families every day. The benefit of being a customer of American Butcher Shop is your meats come directly from the source. Throughout the process our meats are raised, handled and processed by real ranchers knowledgeable in every aspect of making sure you receive a quality product at a great price. So we invite you to become a customer and we guarantee your satisfaction.

For your health:

Our Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished meat gives you a tremendous amount of health benefits. You will avoid the synthetic hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and questionable additives found in conventionally raised animals. You will also get these added nutritional advantages from animals raised on fresh open

  • Less fat and fewer calories.
  • More Omega-3 essential fatty acids (reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer).
  • More natural conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which builds muscles and burns fat.
  • Grass-Fed Beef contains four times more Vitamin E
  • Higher in the B-vitamins thiamin and riboflavin
  • Higher in the minerals calcium, magnesium, and potassium
  • Higher in vaccenic acid (which can be transformed into CLA)
  • More beta-carotene (a vitamin linked with lower risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer).
  • Lower risk of Ecoli bacteria (less acidic digestive tract in 100% Grass-fed ruminants avoids the development of acid-resistant bacteria).

For the animals:

  • The cattle live together with their mothers in a herd on open pastures.
  • We manage the cattle with horses or on foot, ensuring low-stress handling.
  • The cattle eat natural, local grasses and forbs, which are compatible with their systems, unlike corn and soy, which can contribute to illness.
  • Slaughter is humane and takes place in a USDA inspected facility with no cross-contamination.

For the environment:

  • Grass-Fed beef avoids a lot of the problems that are created by feeding grain to cattle.
  • A diet of grazed grass requires much less fuel and water than a feedlot diet of corn and soy.
  • On pasture, grazing animals do their own fertilizing and harvesting. The ground is covered with vegetation all year round, so it does an excellent job of harvesting solar energy and holding on to topsoil, moisture, and carbon.
  • Grazed pasture removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere more effectively than any land use, including forestland and non-grazed prairie.
  • In a confinement operation (feedlot) the animals are crowded into sheds or kept outdoors on barren land and all their feed is shipped to them or supplemented with non-natural grains from distant fields. Their manure creates a huge disposal and odor problem.

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